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Paper Writing and Idea Workshop

TCET-ISTE conducted a Paper Writing And Idea Workshop on 6th June, 2021 at 11:00 am via the Zoom platform. It guided the F.E. students on writing technical papers during their course of Engineering since it not only boosts their researching abilities but also adds great value to their profile. A total of 150 F.E. students registered/participated in this event. This event was also conducted live on YouTube which has over 130+ views. Positive feedback was received from the participants and they were very grateful for the conduction of such important workshops.



  1. To brief the students on how to write a technical paper and state the requirements of a paper.

  2. To mention some tips and tricks for the creation as well as presentation of a technical paper.

  3. To clear any misconceptions regarding research and review papers.

  4. To expand one’s knowledge in the fields of Engineering and Technology.




  1. Event was conducted as per the schedule.

  2. Students understood the importance of writing technical papers.

  3. Many doubts and misconceptions regarding the technical papers were cleared during this event.

  4. All the requirements and some helpful tips for writing innovative technical papers were stated in the workshop.

  5. It expanded one’s knowledge in the fields of Engineering and Technology as they came across various technical platforms.

Zoom Meeting 06-06-2021 11_26_41
Zoom Meeting 06-06-2021 12_09_39
Zoom Meeting 06-06-2021 12_24_16
Zoom Meeting 06-06-2021 11_03_25
Zoom Meeting 06-06-2021 11_09_43
Zoom Meeting 06-06-2021 11_06_43
Zoom Meeting 06-06-2021 11_38_18
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