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How to use ISTE Membership 100%

TCET-ISTE conducted a workshop on How to Use ISTE Membership 100% on 4th April 2021 at 12 pm via the Zoom platform. The workshop provided an opportunity for the ISTE  Members to learn the proper utilization of their ISTE Membership. Various events and opportunities were discussed during the webinar. A total of 373 ISTE Members from F.E. registered/participated in this webinar. The webinar lasted for an hour. In the end, a QnA round was also conducted where all the doubts of the students were solved. This webinar was a huge success in which the F.E. ISTE Members learned how to use their ISTE Membership 100%. A lot of positive feedback responses were also received for the same.



  1. To learn the exact, complete and efficient use of ISTE membership.

  2. To learn how to utilize the membership for generating better opportunities in foreign studies i.e MS in the USA, Germany, etc. 

  3. To explore opportunities for job and placements and related AICTE sessions.




1)Participants came up with various queries regarding the topic which were cleared during the session only.

2)The webinar made the F.E. ISTE members realize the perks and benefits of purchasing the ISTE Membership.

3)The participants learned about the exact, complete and efficient use of ISTE membership.

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