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Faded Shapes

TCET-ISTE conducted a workshop on Adobe Photoshop on 27th March 2021 at 3 pm via the Zoom platform. The workshop provided an opportunity for the F.E. Students to learn and get adapted to the various tools and their uses in Photoshop. Various tools and processes used for designing were demonstrated and explained to the students on the actual software. A total of 512 F.E. students registered/participated in this event. The duration of the workshop was 2 hour. In the end, a QnA round was also conducted where all the doubts of the students were solved by implementing and solving their problems directly on the software. This workshop was a huge success in which the F.E. students learned how to design and create on Photoshop easily and efficiently. A lot of positive feedback responses were also received for the same.


1. To create and develop interest in Graphic Designing among the F.E. Students.

2. To learn and grow the designing skills of the students. 

3. To inculcate creativity among the F.E. Students.



1) Participants came up with various queries regarding the topic which were cleared during the session only.

2) The workshop created and developed interest in Graphic Designing amongst the F.E. Students.

3) It helped them to learn and grow their designing skills.

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Photoshop Workshop

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