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Multicon-W 2021

A technical and social webinar series was conducted during MULTICON-W 2021 for the F.E. students on 26th February 2021 and 27th February 2021 which helped them in guiding and enlightening them in their engineering career path ahead. This event was hosted and organized successfully by TCET-ISTE and on average 700+ students participated in these webinar series. The event consisted of 4 webinars-


1) Introduction to Specialization Courses as per TCET Autonomy Scheme 

2) Students personal learning network - Benefits, Tools & Tactics

3) Enchanting the Real High 

4) Life in TCET beyond Engineering



  1. Guiding the F.E students for their engineering career ahead.

  2. Giving a brief introduction about the opportunities provided by TCET for the holistic development of their students.

  3. Helping the students build a strong portfolio/profile right from the beginning.



1)Event was conducted as per the schedule and the entire session was well planned and executed.

2)Participants came up with various doubts and queries which were cleared during the Question and Answer Session.

3)It gave a clear understanding of the specialization courses provided by TCET.

4)The sessions were planned in such a way that they were beneficial to mold the personality of the students and also helped them to set future goals for themselves.

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